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Turismo de Portugal


In 2021, 2BForest took up the challenge of implementing a market solution that increases the value of ecosystem services from agroforestry areas, thus attaining the first national Ecosystem Services Certification in Portugal.

ES_Sponsor allows companies to address sustainability policies as well as UN’s SDGs, fighting climate change while supporting ecosystem services provided by certified Portuguese forests – hence taking part in the Forest Management Certification Group 2BForest – join us on our Planetier-wide quest to value our forests!

50 Rebels

50 Rebels builds moped-style e-bikes in Portugal.

The unique look of our products brings a new target group to the electric bicycle market and therefore converts people from fossil fuel mobility to bicycle riding that otherwise couldn’t be reached.

We strongly encourage self-servicing and -repair with our after-sales platform and build our e-bikes so everyone can extend the product life-cycle extensively themselves

Atelier da cortiça

We are a production unit for fashion accessories and cork gifts.

We produce tailored pieces, according to the Customer and the region/country.

Since cork is a sustainable material, with a wide range of characteristics, namely being waterproof, reusable, thermal and acoustic insulator, that we have been working with for over 9 years, we believe that we are in a position to respond to most of the challenges that we may face.


Aqva More is a water efficiency solution for buildings that is in line with the goals of Smart Cities.

This system brings to the market a compact product, of quick installation, and that does not require construction work.

When you turn on a hot water tap, the Aqva More retains the cold water in the plumbing that is usually wasted while waiting for it to heat up.

Aqva More records savings and hot water consumption in homes and produces data for the web in real time, that can be followed by users and companies.

bambual portugal

Bambual Editora Portugal, feels part of the rivers that interconnect cultures and spread knowledge to the oceans of life.

We seek, through the books we publish, to support the perpetuation of LIFE in communities, organizations and societies, in order to enable the celebration of life in all its expression.

At PLANETIERS we intend to make available and sell inspiring books, giving continuity to our purpose.


We are a passionate bamboo bicycle company on a mission to inspire epic travels and unique experiences, empowering well-being and sustainable mobility.

We love the idea of using bamboo to promote sustainable cycling and inspire people to live a green, low-carbon and clean-energy life.
PWG is an amazing platform for sustainable innovations, and to boost the connection between us with investors, media and potential partners.


Two cousins.

A common passion.

The dream of creating a project together.

An architect and an events manager joined art with the will to innovate.

Bhoomi is born.

Earth in Hindi.

Simple and down to earth.

An ecosystem of possibilities.

With a mission.

Give raw materials a different life, an unexpected future.

Create unique pieces.


Builtrix is a fast-growing provider of data-driven energy intelligence solutions for energy experts, consultants, and facility managers.

Builtrix has a cloud-based solution that combines big data analytics and artificial intelligence with energy efficiency.

Its’ SaaS solution enables facility and property managers, energy services providers, and consultants to understand energy consumption, analyze usage patterns as well as inefficiencies, and detect anomalies in real-time.

It supports companies to optimize the energy efficiency of their buildings and reducing carbon emissions.

Casas Em Movimento

“Casas em Movimento | Buildings In Motion” designs, produces and sells Buildings in Motion: intelligent buildings that rotate to follow the sun, while producing clean energy (more than consuming), and adapt their outdoor and indoor spaces to the routine of the user (who can control the Building through their smartphone).

This Portuguese technology, patented in more than 77 countries, will now be applied to the Smart Cities market, in the “Edifícios em Movimento” Network, which we will present at PWG 2022.


Eco-designs, handcrafted in Portugal.

Darono’s dream of designing a more sustainable future is manifested in a conscious selection of upcycled and recycled materials, elevating them to their upper potential and reducing the use of virgin materials.

Innovation, craftsmanship and creativity are the impulses that enable us to challenge our daily habits and reinforce our dedication to lessen our environmental impact.

Excited to return to PWG, to meet you and to sparkle conversations about designing for circularity, sustainable innovation and eco-conscious lifestyles.


We are a clean tech company with decades of experience developing and deploying smart digital turnkey solutions to monitor, optimize, manage and control energy consumption, generation, storage, balancing and trading.

We have developed an OS for local energy communities that has been implemented and tested in different markets, including Portugal, Spain, the UK, and Brazil.

We are now expanding into other markets in Europe and the US.

We are building a world in which resilient clean energy is decentralized, digitalized and democratized.


HAIMS stands for Handmade Artwork Individual Minimalistic Sustainable.

Our mission is to handcraft home textiles and fashion accessories that enable you to deepen your commitment to a more sustainable living.

A curated selection of functional pieces designed to be loved for a long time.

Glad to join the Planetiers community and to take part in this transformative event purposed to help us evolve our mindsets and actions.

electric mobility

Electric mobility is a B2C and C2C marketplace for exclusively electric vehicles and it aims to gather in a single space the commercial interests of concessionaires, stands and service providers for the electric mobility and micro-mobility sector.

Our commitment is to bring together and facilitate access to the main offers on the market for people and contribute to the process of transition to 100% electric mobility and micro-mobility in Portugal and in the world.

We intend to host 50 companies on the platform and we expect that 40% of all electric vehicles in Portugal will be purchased through the platform.

With Planetiers World Gathering, we aim to develop several partnerships with sellers and service providers of ebikes, e-scooters, e-scooters and electric cars.

We would like to come out with at least 5 companies in the sector to advertise their services through the platform.


Established on 1975, Fapil always proceeded on the path to sustainability, seeking for improvements in all fields.

20 years ago, we were pioneers in the introduction of recycled plastic in our products, and 2 years ago we were pioneers, again, using maritime recycled plastic, from nets and ropes of the fishing gears, to produce household articles.

OCEAN range, comprising 35 products, have at least 20% maritime recycled plastic in their composition.


Filippo Fiumani aka mani, is an italian designer and artist, born in 1987 in loreto, italy.

Fiumani works as a visual artist, street artist, performer and actor.

His wide range of influences, mixing street art, trash, digital art, painting, photography, video and technology helped him to create his own unique imaginary and aesthetic.

His d.i.y. approach is based on a skate/punk root, which took him to see art not just as an aesthetic thing but also a social tool to communicate and improve social human’s values.

His work has been exposed in europe, usa, canada and australia.

Fiumani works with various medium and due to his experimental nature he is constantly looking for new techniques.

Since 2017 he has focused on recycling and reusing mainly human waste, joining it with technology to create art.


IVORY was created to respond to the failure of the SNS.

With our awareness campaigns and offers of consultations with psychologists, we want to have an impact and make a difference in the field of mental health.

Our mission is to be an international benchmark in mental health and we take this with us every day at work.

With this mission, we also take sustainability hand in hand.

Our pieces are made of organic cotton with the PETA Vegan approved certificate and we do not use any type of plastic in any of our processes.

Our goal with PWG 2022 is to make IVORY known and continue our awareness work.


Kapable is a sustainable fashion brand for women aged 25 to 65 who strive to follow their dreams.

By making them see that they are Kapable of achieving their dreams and motivating them to discover their inner strength/talent, Kapable looks at each woman as a superheroine!

Caring about people and the environment, plant-based fibers and certified materials are the brand’s choice.

The clothes are made in Portugal and we closely monitorize the production.

Kukken Caffè

At Kukken Caffè we aim to combine and offer the consumer what seemed to be impossible in the coffee sector: a complete experience of taste, convenience and zero waste.

All our coffees are from certified organic origin and have selected quality, with no use of pesticides and herbicides.

The entire roasting, encapsulation and packaging process is carried out in Portugal, guaranteeing a high quality standard, as a result of close monitoring of the entire process.

All of our capsules and packaging are 100% compostable.

All our products are plastic and aluminum free, including packaging, which makes us unique.


MyGreenApp is a pioneering project and an innovative solution to environmental problems in order to generate a positive impact in line with the SDGs.

It is the first integrated platform that combines 3 functions: Co2 tracker/carbon footprint; reduction through carbon offsetting, a sustainable Marketplace based on the circular economy; and a “green” social media focused on the environment and sustainability.

We are looking forward to participate in PWG and our main goal is to make MyGreenApp known and attract partners and investors.

net zero insight

Net Zero Insights operates the Net0 Platform – today probably the most comprehensive database of climate tech startups and SMEs in Europe and North America.

For each organisation, the platform provides details such as funding rounds, activity sector, technology, patents, contacts, and much more.


Noytrall intends to mitigate the carbon footprint in tourism, creating sustainable stays through the technological training of the hotel industry, using tools that allow managing water and energy consumption.

We promote a new form of tourism, bringing alternatives to increasingly conscious guests with growing demand for action.


Ozean is a 100% Portuguese brand of cleaning and disinfection solutions, without alcohol, bleach, fragrances or any other harmful chemical, which do not compromise your health at the expense of effectiveness, nor your love and respect for the Planet.

Partner in Cream

Partner in Cream is a portuguese brand that developed a skincare range of creams and seruns made exclusively with natural ingredients that meet what is strictly necessary for each skin type.

This allows the customer to consume only what the skin needs, thus avoiding the waste of resources.
We believe that being a part of the PWG 2022 event we will be close to an audience that shares all this sustainable concerns regarding the planet.

We are ✓ Vegan ✓ Personalized ✓ Cruelty-Free ✓ Fair.

Queen of hearts

Queen of Hearts Tattoos is a studio situated in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

It has existed for about 20 years and stands out for its work in artistic curating developed in the field of tattoo.

Queen of Hearts Tattoos is intertwined with the production of events and publications of cultural essence, having in sight the anti-marginalisation and acknowledgement of the social and artistic character of this millennial art.

This is a studio with diverse environmental concerns that makes an effort in supporting initiatives with the goal of environmental conservation and preservation.

Numerous are those who deposit their trust in this studio and its artists, many of whom are internationally awarded.

Within the studios values, there are values such as the fight for gender equality and professional dignity, being that over half the team is composed by women and led by one.

They believe in a better future and in the ability that we all possess as individuals to make the necessary changes


Our mission is to create sustainable solutions, for companies and people, that allow us to walk the path towards sustainability, making the world better.

We believe in our innovative methodology to boost companies in their certification and continuous improvement, as well as to motivate all citizens to make their lives better.

We intend to combine the discovery of the world with the construction of a sustainable path, promoting training, travel and even volunteering around the world.

In addition to our great focus on companies, we have a department dedicated to the human being as an individual.

This allows anyone to attend our training courses, our events and also purchase our sustainability and personal development products such as diaries, notebooks and books!

With this, we believe it is possible to balance the planet based on the balance of each one of us and our companies.


Aware of the climate challenges that the world faces, Savills soon recognized the need as a consultant to create tools and solutions to help its clients act on their energy transition and decarbonization, these solutions are the same ones we want to use to achieve our Net Zero objective by 2025.

The World Gathering Planetiers, being the largest sustainable innovation event in the world, is the perfect opportunity for Savills to showcase the best in the Real Estate sector, in order to achieve ESG & Sustainability goals.


Shaeco is a brand of ecological and more sustainable products, developed and produced in Portugal.

We believe that the future of our planet is in our hands and that every action we take will have an impact on the future.

Our products are vegan, cruelty free and plastic free (one of the biggest concerns worldwide).

We aim to show that sustainability can also be a profitable and long-term business.

sea shepherd

Our mission is to protect defenseless marine wildlife and end the destruction of habitat in the world’s oceans.

Since 1977, Sea Shepherd has used innovative direct action tactics to defend, conserve and protect the delicately-balanced biodiversity of our seas and enforce international conservation laws.

The ocean environment is an intricately-balanced ecosystem designed to support and sustain marine wildlife.

To truly thrive, they need safe sanctuaries to feed, mate and raise their young without pollution, destructive fishing gear, plastics and other marine debris that choke marine wildlife and destroy their habitats.

Sea Shepherd opposes the pollution of the fragile ecosystem through off-shore drilling and fisheries, as well as the destruction of coral reefs from trawling, and the loss of coastal nesting sites from commercial development.

The Carbon Games

The Carbon Games is a climate-tech company that helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint through gamification.

We are focused on tracking and reducing “Scope 3” emissions. We currently target two verticals – Large Events (events with 1000+ attendees) and Large Corporates (companies with 250+ employees).

Our first application is a carpool app that enables and rewards users for carpooling to the same event or workspace.

tide OCEAN

#tide ocean material is an innovative solution to tackle plastic pollution: Technology meets Sustainability.

#tide is collecting ocean-bound plastic and upcycling it into a durable raw material for new products.

#tide is creating a social and environmental impact and giving plastic waste a value.

Plastic pollution and climate change can only be tackled globally, that’s why we are very much looking forward to participate at the PWG 2022.


Worldcoin is a digital currency that wants to create the largest cryptocurrency ecosystem, distributing it fairly to the largest number of people.

This project, which is based on a technology based on an innovative verification system, aims to be a solution for the next generation of blockchain and the incubator for a new global financial system.

Your Money watcher

Good skills in personal finance are crucial for improving individual’s quality of life and the sustainability of the planet.

More conscious and balanced personal financial decisions are key in our world, where becoming financially lost is so easy.

Come and see how our programs can help people and businesses to participate in this behavioral change, which is critical to a better future for everyone.


South Africa
Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign, CEO

CEO of the Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign and eldest daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the ubuntu’s world spiritual leader and Nobel Peace Laureate.

Named one of the global 100 Real Leaders for 2018 by Real Leaders magazine. Passionate about peace, racial reconciliation and equality by improving the health and educational experiences of young people, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.