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SOME Speakers from PWG 2020


David Simas
United States
Obama Foundation, President

Our mission is to inspire those people to take action, empower them to change their world for the better, and connect them so they can achieve more together than they can alone.

That mission begins at home, on the South Side of Chicago, where we are building the Obama Presidential Center.

But it extends to all our work, whether it’s holding leadership training sessions in communities throughout the U.S., bringing local leaders together in countries around the world, working to support the global education of girls, or ensuring young men of color have pathways to opportunity.

Estados Unidos
Waterkeeper Alliance, President

Actress and Activist. Whose credits in television include ER, Mr. Robot and Lincoln.

Waterkeeper Alliance strengthens and grows a global network of grassroots leaders protecting everyone’s right to clean water.

Formerly advisor to Al Gore’s environmental organization, The Climate Reality Project.

Also served on the Advisory Council of the National Wildlife Federation and the Leadership Council for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Entrepreneur, Professor and the author of The Blue Economy

A pioneer in business, science and culture, he set zero emissions in practice and coordinated think tanks of scientists for technological breakthroughs. 

A member of a Vatican Foundation and the Club of Rome, he writes fables to inspire children – almost 350 published in China.

Today he operates Porrima, the only ship circumnavigating the world for 100,000 nautical miles with solar, intelligent kite and hydrogen from seawater. 


John Fullerton
Estados Unidos
Thought Leader, Founder and CEO of the Capital Institute, and Impact investor

John Fullerton is an unconventional economist, impact investor and writer – and the architect of Regenerative Economics. 

After a successful 20-year career as Managing Director of what he calls “the old JPMorgan,” John created the Capital Institute in 2010 – dedicated to the bold reimagination of economics and finance in service to life.

John serves on the board of several institutions and is a member of the Club of Rome.

Christian Kroll
Ecosia Founder & CEO and World Fund Investor

Christian is the founder of Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees.

He launched Ecosia in 2009 after a year-long trip around the world to help people in developing countries and to do something about climate change.

The Berlin-based search engine now has 100 employees and millions of users, enabling the company to plant a tree every second.

Sarah Tuneberg
Estados Unidos
Finch, Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Tuneberg is an entrepreneur, technologist, and emergency manager who has worked across government and the private sector leveraging data and technology to solve complex climate change, national security, and disaster response challenges.

Sarah pioneered adaptation pathway modeling, a climate risk mitigation strategy, within enterprise business and financial markets. She is recognized globally as a pioneer in climate technology innovation.

Ali Tabrizi
United Kingdom
Documentary Filmmaker & Environmentalist

Ali Tabrizi is a Documentary Filmmaker, Environmentalist, and Director of the groundbreaking Netflix Original documentary, Seaspiracy.

After soaring to one of the top 10 movies in close to 50 countries shortly after its premier,

Seaspiracy turned the world of conservation upside down with hard hitting factual revelations, and its emotional, investigative, and adventurous journey into the hidden world of the fishing industry.

United States
Jackson Wines & Grounded Founder

Julia Jackson is a passionate climate activist who’s committed to identifying and scaling game-changing solutions to the climate crisis.

The second generation proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, Jackson founded an organization called Grounded, focused on advancing those solutions and supporting “solutionists” – changemakers working on the frontlines of environmental change.

Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet, Secretary-General

Satya S. Tripathi is Secretary-General of the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet. A development economist, lawyer and changemaker with over 40 years of varied experience.

He has served with the UN for more than two decades in key positions across the planet and was most recently the UN Assistant Secretary-General, Head of New York Office at UN Environment and Secretary of the UN Environment Management Group.

IES-Social Business School, CEO
Matthias Oppliger
#tide ocean, Director of strategic partnerships

#tide has one goal: to give waste a value.

The Swiss company was founded in 2019 and has so far saved more than 30 mio plastic bottles from polluting the ocean.

Waste is collected by fishermen in Southeast Asia and turned into a valuable raw material which can be used to create durable products.

The mechanical upcycling method has been developed with the Swiss University and #tide does not process any virgin plastic.

United States
DisruptForGood.Life, Founder and “U Empath You” Co-Author
Speaker, earth empath, visionary of change, and rabble-rouser for good whose purpose is to help establish a world that is equitably distributed and where all women are seen, heard, and believed.
Mohan Munasinghe
Sri Lanka
IPCC, Former Vice-president and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Recognized as a leading world authority, Professor Mohan Munasinghe holds many awards for his exceptional global contributions to climate change and sustainable development.

His research served as the foundation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Agreement.


Wakami Global, President & Co-Founder

Biologist & Social entrepreneur known internationally for her business models.

Nominated in 2017 Most Powerful Women Award by Goldman Sachs and Fortune magazine and by the magazine Strategy and Business, as one of the three most influential women in Central America.

Hansjörg Lerchenmüller
EBI – European Biochar Industry Consortium, Chairman and Clean-tech entrepreneur and investor

Experienced entrepreneur, Environmental Laureate, Business Angel, and Senior manager driven by visionary ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

He founded a high-tech solar energy company, developed it to market leadership and sold it to a strategic investor.

Today’s focus is mostly on biochar and climate change mitigation. He is an investor in Carbuna AG and Carbonfuture and Chairman of EBI – European Biochar Industry Consortium.

Business Angels Club in Lisbon, President and Investors Portugal, Board Member

President of the Business Angels Club in Lisbon, whose main objective is to support potential entrepreneurs who demonstrate the ability to transform ideas into life projects.

Isabel is also a Board Member of Investors Portugal and Founding Partner of Star Busy Investments & Innovation which supports projects with a high degree of innovation.

Apart from her entrepreneur side, she is also Professor, Mentor and Business Consultant.

Jorge Cristino
Author of “The mission of cities in combating climate change.”
Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission

Ursula von der Leyen, was a member of the German Bundestag from 2009 to 2019 and a Federal Minister in Germany for more than 14 years, responsible for Family Affairs (2005-2009), then for Labour and Social Affairs (2009-2013) and later for Defence (2013-2019). In 2019, she was elected President of the European Commission. As the head of the European executive, she has defined six headline ambitions for Europe for her mandate: a European Green Deal, a Europe fit for the digital age, an economy that works for people, a stronger Europe in the world, promoting our European way of life, and a new push for European democracy.

Alex Cornelissen
CEO of Sea Shepherd Global

Captain Cornelissen has participated in more than 25 Sea Shepherd campaigns, rising through the ranks to become Captain.

After six years on the ships, he spent another six years running a successful campaign in the Galapagos Islands as the Director of Operations.

In his current role as Chief Executive Officer for Sea Shepherd Global, he guides global operations.

Leading a highly capable team of professionals that spans five continents, he oversees a wide array of international public-private partnerships, manages country agreements, and is responsible for the movements of all vessels in Sea Shepherd’s fleet.

Miguel Neiva
ColorADD, Designer and Creator and Ashoka fellow

Creator of ColorADD, the color alphabet for colorblind, which allows the inclusion of about 350 million colorblind people worldwide whenever color is a factor of identification, orientation or choice.

Through co-creation models, this universal language is implemented in several countries in different sectors of society, promoting inclusion, as well as at Primary Schools, taking this code to education to allow the inclusion of colorblind children without discriminating.


South Africa
Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign, CEO

CEO of the Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign and eldest daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the ubuntu’s world spiritual leader and Nobel Peace Laureate.

Named one of the global 100 Real Leaders for 2018 by Real Leaders magazine. Passionate about peace, racial reconciliation and equality by improving the health and educational experiences of young people, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Alchemist, Indigenous Elder and Guardian of Life, Co-creator

For years, Mila has been navigating the quest to learn how living systems and their lifecycle, within nature and society, behave and balance themselves in times of disruptive and emerging change.

She is exploring projects of heart experimenting to this essence and upholding the integrity to think, be, and act to co-create conditions for all life forms to flourish.

Federico Cristoforoni
Net Zero Insights, Co-Founder

Federico has co-founded Net Zero Insights – probably the largest database of climate tech startups in Europe and North America.

His work consists of providing data, insights and updates on the climate tech venture space to investors, corporates, researchers and policy makers.

Scott Poynton
Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Pond Foundation

We work to change the way the world acts on climate.

In The Pond Foundation we support companies to build 21st century regenerative value chains that create life in soils, communities and for the planet.

Jax Davey
United Kingdom
Nuevo Agency, CEO

In 2018 Jax left the Royal Marines to launch a creative agency specialising in operating in remote locations.

Two years later, sold the agency to Berkshire Hathaway and worked with them to develop Virtual and Augmented reality mission planning tools for defence.

With a passion still rooted in the creative world, Jax returned with a mission to change the industry for the better.

He is now leading a new breed of agency, one that sparks positive change, one built on purpose and one with a very clear mission.

Valor T Agency, Director
Valor T- Talent and Transformation Director, a new employability platform for people with disabilities, from Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. Vanda is also a lawyer and former Vice-President of CCDR Lisboa and Vale do Tejo.
Christoph Langwallner
United States
WhatIF, CEO and Co-founder
United States
Waterkeeper Alliance, CEO

Waterkeeper Alliance, the largest and fastest-growing nonprofit solely focused on clean water. Marc has dedicated his entire career to environmental advocacy.

In addition to authoring numerous articles, Marc has appeared in publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, and Politico, and his quotes have been picked up by wire services such as AP, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

Paul Hodges
United Kingdom
New Normal Consulting, Chairman and World Economic Forum Global Expert

Paul Hodges is a trusted adviser to major companies and the investment community, and has a proven track record of accurately identifying key trends in global marketplaces.

He is chairman of New Normal Consulting and a Global Expert with the World Economic Forum. Paul also serves as Advisory Board chairman for Infinity Recycling and non-executive Chairman of NiTech Solutions.

Crie Futuros, Founder and Fluxonomy 4D, Creator

Futurist, expert in New Economies and Collaboration, idealizer of the 4D Fluxonomy methodology that combines Future Studies with New Economies to meet the needs of the 21st century market and society.

She also founded the Crie Futuros movement, created to inspire desirable futures.

Lala is also an international speaker, who presented on 4 continents and is considered one of the 100 women in the world who are co-creating a collaborative future.

United States
Threads Worldwide, Founder and The Elevation Ecosystem, Creator

Founder of Threads Worldwide and Creator of The Elevation Ecosystem Ideological Framework.

Kara creates life-changing work with women around the world through the fair trade of artisan jewellery.

Her focus is on building a team of Socialpreneurs and creating community among all involved.

Epic Journey, Founder & CEO and Livelab, Co-Founder

Bio architect and Post Graduate in Cooperative Games, he dedicates his career to mobilize teenagers, youth and adults by designing and applying virtual games, scavenger hunts and collective actions that lead to small community revolutions.

He is the CEO & Founder of Epic Journey and Co-founder of the ONG LiveLab, both promoting the regeneration of communities with different approaches.

Edgard is also an Ashoka Fellow, Teacher of post-graduate courses and Counselor of Institutes.

Integrity.Earth, Founder and SEEDS, Systems Integrator

Founder of Integrity.Earth and Whole Systems Integrator at Hypha & SEEDS, a financial ecosystem and Digital Currency for a Regenerative Economy.

Franz is motivated to create tools, processes, and on the ground collaborations to support the blossoming of bioregional economies of abundance.

Gidon Bromberg
EcoPeace Middle East (Jordan River Waterkeeper), Co-Founder & Israel Director

Gidon Bromberg is the co-founder and 27-year Israel Director of EcoPeace Middle East.

Has written extensively on the relationship between water issues and Middle East peace and presented before the UN Security Council, UN Climate Summit, US Congress, European Parliament, and other international forums.

An attorney by profession, alumni of Monash University in Australia, Washington College of Law at American University and Yale University’s World Fellows program.

P2P Foundation, Founder and "Peer-to-Peer: The Commons Manifesto", Co-author

Founder of the P2P Foundation, an international organization focused on studying, researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices in a very broad sense.

Michel is also co-author of “Peer-to-Peer: The Commons Manifesto” which elaborates on a new social, political and economic dynamic emerging due to the structural crises that capitalism is facing.

United States
HumanTec, CEO and One Island Institute, Co-Founder & CEO

Kimberly is a Futurist for Partnerships, Strategy, Impact & Innovation and specialist in the Blockchain, Metaverse & Web3 domains.

International Speaker, a global impact entrepreneur and established thought-leader in the fields of public-private-partnerships, sustainability and collaborative innovation eco-systems.

Pedro Mateus das Neves
PhD - Specialist SDGs, Smart & Sustainable Cities, and Financial Innovation

Specialist SDGs, Smart & Sustainable Cities, and Financial Innovation. Univ. Prof./Researcher (Tokyo; Beijing and Shenzhen; Geneva; ParisTech; IESE BS; Luanda and Lisbon).

Originated and managed € 10 Bn+ in investment projects in more than 250 cities. Engineer (U. Porto), post-grad in Private and Venture Capital (Harvard BS), Ph.D. in Devel. Studies (U. Lisbon). Published 40+ articles, papers, and book chapters. (en, fr, pt, ru, cn, jp).

Embaixada da Paz, Founder & President

Brazilian TV presenter, psychologist and actress.

Founded the Embaixada da Paz, an association dedicated to the dissemination of the culture of peace through social projects in urban centers, some of them articulated with the UNODC.

ZERO Portugal, Vice President

ZERO – Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável assumed the commitment to intervene in Portuguese society for the defense of environmental issues.

At ZERO, Susana follows the areas of sustainable societies and new forms of economy.

Integral City Meshworks, Founder & AQtivator

Thought Leader and creator of the Integral City, calls herself an “AQtivator”.

Author of Integral City Book Series that led to the creation of the Integral City Meshworks, a constellation of communities and practices that nurtures cities as human hives.

It creates the ideal conditions for human innovation and ecoregional resilience.

Christopher Storey
United Kingdom
Sea Shepherd Global, Partnerships Manager

Chris manages the partnerships for the ocean conservation NGO Sea Shepherd Global, to help Defend, Conserve and Protect our ocean.

It’s important to partner for the goals with many entities, this way we can keep our fleet in the ocean and fight the good fight.

United States
SOAR, Story Activist and "The Story Dojo" Author & Host

Story Activist working with story in service of positive systemic shift.

She is an internationally recognised process host, building capacity for people to bring their stories to life and a steward of Art of Hosting, teaching participatory practice around the world.

"On The Face Of It- A Documentary About Consent" Producer & Director

Passionate about storytelling and relevant causes for our communities, she produced and directed a short film and will be debuting her first documentary in the event.

On The Face Of It – A Documentary About Consent, tackles sexual assault, how to develop support systems and the impact of the play Prima Facie.

Richard Barreno
Ecosopher and Sea Shepherd Spain, President

I preside over the Spanish chapter of Sea Shepherd Global and give talks on the biocentric philosophy of the organization and other ecosophical topics and themes such as ecoanxiety, anthropology and deep ecology.

As President of Sea Shepherd Spain, I coordinate information on Sea Shepherd Global campaigns and raise funds for those campaigns.

Liane Thompson
United States
Aquaai, Protecting waterways as CEO

Aquaai provides the most affordable, quality underwater visual and environmental data easily accessed on a web dashboard delivered by bio-inspired, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that look and swim like real fish to unobtrusively harness information from marine and freshwater environments.

Aquaai’s mission is to help keep humanity alive by combining risk management and biomimicry.

AmaZone Fun Parks, Director

A veteran of the Creative Economy, Culture & Entertainment industry.

Currently engaged as a founding director in the structuring and growth of Amazone Fun Parks SA, including the world’s first Amazon based theme park.

Development of the largest exhibition on the Brazilian Amazon, shown in 10 countries and seen by over 2 million visitors, including “Amazon & the Climate” at the UN in NY, and the Brazilian Pavilion at COP16.

Bethany Halbreich
United States
Paint the World, Founder & Executive Director

Bethany has worked in innovation strategy for three Fortune 100 companies, and has founded and built innovation labs in the academic and culinary space, working closely with PepsiCo R&D’s Culinary Innovation Lab to lead food scientists in elevating their capacity for producing their most creative ideas against company-wide sustainability goals.

She now leads Paint the World, an organization that has worked in 23 countries to shift the paradigm around the impact potential of the arts.

Luís Rochartre
International expert and senior advisor in Sustainability

Forestry Engineer from UTAD and postgraduate in Sustainability from Stanford and Harvard Universities, Luís Rochartre was Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Portugal and WBCSD) and is currently a consultant on corporate sustainability and manager of carbon neutrality projects.

He is senior advisor of several institutions, such as INSURE.Hub, Zero Emissions World, and GlobeScan.

João Pinto
VP at Catholic University of Portugal - Porto & Professor of Finance at Católica Porto Business School

With a PhD in Business Sciences (Finance), João works on projects related to firms’ investment decisions, sustainable finance, structured finance, enterprise risk management.

Since 2015 he has been a consultant to EIB & EBRD.

He has published in several academic journals, such as Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, European Financial Management.

He is also co-leader of INSURE.hub (in partnership with Planetiers)

Ana Matias
Sciaena, Fisheries and Aquaculture coordinator

Ana Matias holds a Master in Marine Ecology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Ana works for Sciaena since 2014 where she was firstly responsible for VAL+, a project to enhance local fisheries.

She is currently the Fisheries and Aquaculture coordinator at Sciaena, monitoring and advocating the implementation of marine conservation policies at national and European levels, specially the implementation of the CFP and ending overfishing.

Ana is currently also focusing more and more on climate related issues and extractivist activities.

Patrik Sandin
Bain & Company, Innovation Expert Associate Partner

Patrik focuses on facilitating disruptive innovation at the intersection of digitalization and sustainability.

His passion lies in developing sustainable business models and assisting companies in managing that transition profitably.

With 20+ years of experience in strategy, M&A, innovation, and sustainability worldwide, Patrik has been frequently invited as a keynote speaker at conferences such as World Green Design Forum and TEDx.

"Designing Regenerative Cultures", Author

Daniel Christian Wahl is one of the catalysts of the rising reGeneration and the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures – so far translated into seven languages.

He works as a consultant, educator and activist with NGOs, businesses, governments and global change agents.

With degrees in biology and holistic science, and a PhD in Design for Human and Planetary Health, his work has influenced the emerging fields of regenerative design and salutogenic design.

Winner of the 2021 RSA Bicentenary Medal for applying design in service to society.

United States
Filo Sofi Arts, Owner & Director and Philosopher

Philosopher of aesthetic civic discourse and practitioner of informed perception.

As founder and director of Filo Sofi Arts, a New York City based art gallery and progressive education space, she fosters meaningful partnerships to curate and produce contemporary art and education programming throughout the US and abroad.

Aruta facilitates workshops grounded in formal analysis of art with the aim of broadening horizons and leading to a more values driven and purposeful life.

Costa Rica
Founder of the University for International Cooperation (UCI)

As founder of the University for International Cooperation, he is guiding the development of innovative educational programs and methodologies.

Involved in projects on global and climate change, biosphere reserves, protected areas, sustainable tourism, and local rural development.

Also works in the development of natural solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and new approaches to food security through the promotion of organoponic urban and suburban agriculture.

United States
IEEE Standards Association, Sustainability Practice Lead

John drives the strategy, coordination, and vision for the IEEE SA Planet Positive 2030 Program.

He is also Executive Director of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Author of the books, Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity To Maximize Machines and Hacking Happiness: Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World.

Maria Brasil
Conage (Brazil), President and Essence Branding, CEO

Founder of Essence Branding, a consultancy for building brand platforms based on the essence and purpose of the business, with international certification by the B System, operating in Brazil, Mexico and China.

Maria is also the President of the National Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (Conage) and the current representative of Brazil at the Youth G20 and at the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (FIJE).

Magical Places, Creator & Founder

Judith is the founder of Magical Places, a new hospitality concept inspired by ideals but designed for tangible, positive impact.

Proof of our capacity to grow, learn, create meaning, connect with others and ourselves.

Co-creator and former deputy managing director of the Hotel Tannenhof 5* in St. Anton am Arlberg, and has held creative leadership positions in the hospitality, entertainment, media and event industries across Europe.

She also co-founded the Culinary and Art festival in St. Anton in 2013.

TogetherForTheBetterGood, Co-Founder & CEO

With TogetherForTheBetterGood, the Impact Investment Platform for the Dutch Caribbean, with Bonaire as pilot , we want to help (grow) local companies and projects by matching their need with investors who want to do good and have an impact, as well as providing management, coaching, advising and project management.

Alex Cornelissen
United States
Advisor & Former Mayor of Austin, Texas

Will Wynn is the award-winning former two-term Mayor of Austin, Texas.

His policy achievements set Austin on its path to unparalleled urban economic development while also advancing remarkable sustainability initiatives.

Educated and trained as an architect and urban planner, Wynn continues to use his influence as an advisor and consultant to governments, utilities and private entities.

Will Wynn has joint Irish and U.S. Citizenship and currently lives in Cascais, Portugal.

United States
Transformation Catalyst, “DreamMakers Innovating for the Greater Good” Author

Michele serves as an advisor to CEO’s in industry, government and nonprofits. Co-founded One, and is the author of the book series “DreamMakers Innovating for the Greater Good”.

She served on President Clinton’s Transition Team and in 1993 was appointed by President Clinton as Director of the Federal Quality Institute, a driver in Reinventing Government.

Costa Rica
Intermark-Tourism Consultants, General Director

Consultant and international speaker specialized in strategic planning, product development and the tourism market.

He combines those activities with the direction of his own companies in the tourist sector.

Mario also teaches at the University for International Cooperation (UCI) in the areas of Sustainable Development, Tourism Marketing and Strategic Planning.

Value Flow Association, Co-Founder

Studied Computer Science, Organizational Design and Engineering and lived inside Big Corporations for 21 Years.

Currently leads international transformational programs deploying automation and artificial intelligence solutions.

Fascinated with the arts of gathering, dialog, transformation, living systemic thinking, change, decision making, search for purpose and meaning, joy and collaboration.

Engaged in unfolding Value Flows supportive of all life on our beautiful planet, as life is our biggest Legacy.

United Kingdom
Moral Imaginations, Founder & Director

Phoebe is a renegade scientist, changemaker and social entrepreneur building a regenerative society.

She is the founder of Moral Imaginations, designing leadership programmes using imagination, hope, and neuroscience to help people build their brains’ imagination capability.

Her background includes molecular biology at Cambridge University and she is currently Scientific Advisor to the Inner Development Goals and Templeton World Charity Foundation, and a Fellow for Existential Hope at the Foresight Institute.

Anga Group, Co-Founder & Board Member

Co-founded and served as CEO of Grupo Anga, a holding of remote and self-managed companies that vary from consultancies to investing firms, focused in generating a positive socio-environmental impact.

Grupo Anga&Din4mo, created from the merger of Anga Grupo and Din4mo is the official publisher of MIT Sloan Review Brazil.

He has spent most of his time working as CEO of Tribo, a consulting firm for organizational culture and conscious leadership.

Together and Me, Co-Founder and Ideas Powered for Business Talks, Host

Sabina is an International Cooperation IP Administrator and has been working for most of her career in international cooperation in an international institution.

Co-founder of Together and Me, she is also the host of Ideas Powered for business Talks held by the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).


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