Planetiers World Gathering

who can participate

Planetiers World Gathering aims at anyone who wants to discover and learn more about sustainable practices, or start-ups seeking investment to scale, companies who are eager to follow up with the trends or lead transformation, or entrepreneurs wishing  to expand their network.


Who wants to…

One Planetier

  • Participate on the free Workshops and the Interactive Activities
    22-26 October

One Planetier

  • Know more about sustainable solutions and how I can be part of the change
    24-26 October


Who wants to participate as… 


  • I`m looking for investors who believe in my vision, media to show what im building or strategic partners to help me scale


  • My company wants to present a Solution


  • I`m looking for a new investment opportunities


  • I´m a company that wants to Sponsor Planetiers World Gathering 2022


  • I`m a NGO, NPO, Municipality that wants to be a Partner of Planetiers World Gathering


  • I`m an accredited Journalist


  • I`m a school, vocational school or university who wants to bring a group of students


  • I want to work at Planetiers World Gathering


  • I want to host a Workshop